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@myoder84 Maybe it'd be easier if everyone didn't get their panties in a bunch every time the word "sources" comes up. You're going to play the ethics card on this? Are you suggesting sports reporters have a moral duty to give due credit to their fellow reporter? No. Who cares? As long as the job is getting accomplished, who gives a shit who gets credit for it and who reported it first? Does being first or reporting the most stories add some kind of bonus to these reporters' salaries?The main focus should be on getting the news to the fans. Building your ego based on filing sports reports quickly is as ludicrous as it comes. Are they really that self-obsorbed and insecure that they need to build themselves up with the tiny details of time of report? Getting sports news is so easy these days, it shouldn't be taken as such skillful and godly work.

2 years, 3 months ago on Jay Glazer learns he may in fact be an ESPN "source"