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Not to mention that just after his tweet, a tornado ripped through a small town just 15 minutes north of Champaign.

But it's ok. They're fine with losing their memories, because the Bears did win the game...

8 months, 1 week ago on Bears fans argue with local network about weather coverage during game


Illinifan1280 = Charlie, since these were posted from different outlets.

10 months, 1 week ago on Sports Illustrated's Oklahoma State investigation is falling apart


Oh, you're right. I completely forgot that it's that special time of year. You know, where a highly-trusted, highly-proven investigative reporter decides to pick a random school out of a hat, run a completely false story about their recruiting habits, interview former players and then lie about what they told him and generally just try to ruin his reputation and career.

How silly of me. I forgot how believable it is that he took every quote out of context (because no athlete has ever used that excuse before), the players saw that they were "misquoted" and instead of contacting Evans, they ran straight to his biggest competition to claim how "mistreated" he was. No, why would they try to straighten things out with the author and ask for a retraction when they can start a "he said, she said" shitstorm at ESPN, which is known for its high journalistic standard and ethics, and certainly doesn't have any financial stake in making sure the aforementioned college stays relevant in the college football world.

Goodness me. What WAS I thinking???

10 months, 1 week ago on Sports Illustrated's Oklahoma State investigation is falling apart


@thelowedown That was my thought. There's just as many holes in McMurphy's story of "oh, we have actual documents, but you can't see them..." That sounds ridiculous.

And really "I don't think ESPN would have reason to lie"?? A major competitor publishes a huge investigative story and ESPN is going to enjoy it? The fact that McMurphy paychecks are signed by one of SI's competitors makes it just as unreliable.

And final point, how many times do we have to see a source claim things were taken "out of context"? This is almost as overplayed as "I didn't know what I was putting into my body...those were PED'S??"

10 months, 2 weeks ago on Sports Illustrated's Oklahoma State investigation is falling apart


Actually, I think Glen Mason's comment was a semi-brilliant jab at the NCAA.

10 months, 3 weeks ago on Vote for your Week 1 Pammy Nominees!


@perlick29 I think what you are running into here, is Simmons' sense of humor. It plays better in the mega blog format he uses (whenever he does some writing these days), because he can explain himself and make use of footnotes.

It doesn't play well on TV, where there are time constraints, and above all, co-hosts who aren't in on the joke/don't back him up with a little playful banter.

1 year ago on Video: Doc Rivers would like to call Bill Simmons an idiot


I don't doubt that Dakich was overreacting, but I get the sense that, as always, we're not getting the complete story. I imagine there was more interactions between the two, and probably interactions that make the IU grad look a little less like a victim.

1 year ago on Dan Dakich threatens an IU grad's career... then invites him to co-host his radio show?


Maybe he was crushed that he's not getting to go to Los Angeles, then Atlanta. I mean, maybe he's never been out of Albuquerque and Salt Lake City just didn't do it for him...

1 year, 4 months ago on New Mexico beat writer quits after Harvard loss | March | 2013


If anyone has a reason to be mad, it's Adam Schefter. There's really no reason for ESPN to not credit him, when he's the one on their payroll. If they aren't acknowledging their employees, then just get an unnamed intern to Google sports-related keywords.

I'm sure Jay Glazer has used Schefter (and La Canfora) information and not gave proper credit. Since they all got the information at the same time (probably from the same person, the TRUE source), it's like advertising for your competitor. You don't see Wal-Mart throw up a commercial for milk, then say "Oh, by the way, your local Target also sells milk!"

And if Glazer is going to post on Twitter (and the Internet, in general), then he is a "source". Once you hit the Enter key, it's public information. This is more the product of the whole "I posted it first, so I win" attitude on Twitter. Three minutes between his tweet and Adam Schefter's means that they both had the information at the same time. Schefter didn't write a whole post in less than three minutes.

As for the "source" and "report" debate, they aren't exactly the same thing, but should be credited the same. If you read a report and use that information, then author of the report is the source. They're not mutually exclusive. In fact, they rather go hand in hand. If ESPN is going to list the report, then they should credit the author, who is the source.

1 year, 6 months ago on Jay Glazer learns he may in fact be an ESPN "source"